“How to Consistently Fill Your Calendar & Pipeline With Awesome, High-Paying Clients — Using an Easy, Low-Cost, Low-Technology Strategy!”

Our strategies are built on direct, real-world experience.

Here’s a sample of the brands we’ve worked with over the last 25+ years.

What if…


You could eliminate all of the junk and unnecessary barriers that have come between you and your ideal prospects?


… The never-ending effort to keep up with social media.


… The constant churning out of content.


…The endless list building.


…The ever-increasing complexity of online marketing funnels.



So that you could…


Get known.


Establish real relationships built on trust, rapport and credibility.


Discover exactly what’s urgent to your target clients.


Show them exactly how you can help.


Close deals.


And spend a lot more time actually working with your ideal clients than you do struggling to find them.



Here’s the truth…


Too much of a good thing, can become a bad thing.


And that’s where we are today. With an over reliance on online tools that have put way too much complexity and distance between Point A and Point B.


And friend, you are Point A.


And your ideal clients are Point B.


It’s time to stop the madness. It’s time to get back to what works.


Businesses are built on relationships.


And in the Proximity to Profits™ Virtual Bootcamp, we’re going to show you a proven system for how you can use simple, low-cost executive roundtables and power breakfasts to consistently fill your calendar and your future pipeline with awesome, high-paying clients.


Best of all, you can do this even if:


You’re just getting started

You don’t have a marketing budget

You don’t have an email list

You’re overwhelmed with too many online tools

You’re making a change or transition in your business

You’re a seasoned pro making a lot of money who wants to take your business into a whole other stratosphere

You don’t want to travel — and want clients close to home

You love to travel — and want clients all over the world


Sound good? Awesome.


Here’s how it works…

“I followed the steps and it resulted in an $80,200 contract almost immediately — and now I’m doing it again.”

“Using the exact strategies Angelique teaches, I conducted an executive roundtable with 8 people that led to a contract worth $80,200 in revenue. It also created a HUGE opportunity for future sales because I’ve now been asked to conduct two more of these small events by people who heard about it.

The best part? It’s being put on by a leading law firm… at their cost… and by their invitation for their best HR clients — which is the exact target market I’ve been wanting to break into. All I have to do now is show up!





In the Proximity to Profits™ Virtual Bootcamp, we zero in on two specific types of small, simple in-person experiences that can quickly lead to BIG sales opportunities:

Why these formats? Because both executive roundtables and power breakfasts can be done quickly, easily and with little to no budget. In fact, you don’t even need an email list or a complicated online marketing funnel to make this work for you! Plus, whether you are a seasoned pro, or you’re just getting started, they can help you bring in more clients and more revenue fast.



“I’ve been able to gain access to C-level decision makers in 20+ Fortune 500 companies, and have positioned us to win over $500,000 in new business, including $100k in new business immediately.”

“The strategies I learned from Angelique elevated my position as an expert in the IT Outsourcing Industry. By using her strategies as a way to open doors, build relationships, and help my contacts elevate their profiles, I have been able to gain direct access to key C-level decision makers in more than 20 of the Fortune 500 companies.

During my first meeting with a Fortune 100 company, I was able to establish myself as a trusted advisor because I could guide them into hosting an Executive Roundtable that put me in a room of 8 key executives from 7 global companies. It also immediately generated a 3-month project worth over $100K in work. This has also put us on a path that has changed our company’s position in the market, to the point where our competitors are now hiring us for work.

We expect that the use of roundtables, for our specific initiative, will help us generate over $500K in new business this year, and position us for seven figures in 2016.  Knowing how to do a live event is one thing. Developing strategies that help you be more effective, is priceless. That is what I love about working with Angelique and Phil.”


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In this PROVEN system, you’ll get:

7 LIVE Group Training and Q&A Calls WITH ANGELIQUE

Each deep-dive training module will walk you through a critical step in our proven system for how to host and profit from executive roundtables and power breakfasts. Angelique will teach each module LIVE, followed by Q&A and hot seat time with her — giving you 7 different opportunities to get support in applying the system to your specific business. You can ask for help with your session titles, thinking through your agenda and content, inviting your ideal clients, and more!


LIFETIME ACCESS to the Complete Proximity to Profits™ System!

Once the module is taught live, you’ll then have LIFETIME ACCESS* to the on-demand training webinar, PDF slides, cheat sheets, templates and more, so you can apply this system to your business for years to come.



What you will learn:


Executive Roundtables 101: All the Essentials You Need to Know

Tap into Angelique’s two decades of experience with executive roundtables to discover all the details you need to know to make your sessions a huge success.


She’ll address all of your burning questions, including:

  • How long should executive roundtables be?
  • What should the exact format and agenda be?
  • What days of the week and times of day work best? (And what scheduling snafus should you avoid at all costs?)
  • What venues work best for hosting them?
  • What is the ideal number of participants?
  • Should you charge attendees to participate? And, if so, how much?
  • Are attendees expecting you to provide food and beverage?
  • Can you have people from competing companies attend the same executive roundtable?
  • Should you target people from different size companies? What about from different industries, job titles or professions?
  • And much, much more!



Power Breakfasts 101: All the Essentials You Need to Know

Make just a few slight pivots in your executive roundtable approach — and now you can host and profit from power breakfasts, too!


In this module, Angelique will walk you through the exact logistical details of a successful power breakfast, including:

  • Ideal length, format and agenda
  • Target number of attendees
  • What days of the week to host — and what to avoid
  • How much to charge attendees (if anything)
  • Best venues for power breakfasts
  • What you should provide for attendees
  • How to set up the room
  • And much, much more!


(Hint: Power breakfasts are NOT the same as roundtables!)



How to Select a Topic That Resonates With & Attracts Top Decision Makers

Discover Angelique’s EXACT formula for how to choose an in-demand, sizzling-hot topic for your executive roundtable or power breakfast every single time — and give it a compelling, attention-grabbing title — so that your ideal clients are willing to move heaven and earth to attend. You’ll also learn her simple but powerful technique for testing your chosen topic so you can feel confident to invite your target clients.



How to Easily Fill Your Executive Roundtables & Power Breakfasts With the Right Decision Makers

Learn Angelique’s step-by-step plan for how to market your executive roundtables and power breakfasts so they are filled with your ideal clients — even if you have NO email list, NO online marketing funnel, and NO budget. She’ll cover when to start marketing, what specific tactics to use, what to say, shortcuts that will save you time, “stick” strategies to make sure registered participants show up, and so much more. Plus, Angelique will cover what marketing activities you should never waste your time or money on.



How to Partner With Other Organizations Who Can Fill Your Power Breakfasts & Executive Roundtables For You

Get ready to push the “easy” button. In this module, Angelique will show you her insider secrets for one of the smartest shortcuts there is: letting another organization host and fill your executive roundtable or power breakfast for you.


You’ll learn:

  • Which organizations to target and which to steer clear of
  • Exactly how to approach these organizations — so that they say, “YES, please!”
  • How to make certain they fill your session with your ideal clients
  • What the hosting organization should be responsible for versus what you should be responsible for
  • What pitfalls, costly mistakes and embarrassing missteps to avoid
  • How to make sure everyone walks away thrilled with the outcomes — ready to do it again!
  • And a lot more



How to Structure Your Content and Agenda for Maximum Profitability

Discover how to build a powerful, content-rich experience so that you strike a winning trifecta: attendees gain immediate value from your session, they are excited to refer their peers and colleagues to attend your next one, and they are eager to work with you after the session is over. Angelique will break down her 12-point content checklist of exactly what you need to cover — and what you should leave out — so it takes all the guesswork out of it.



Conversations That Create Cash™

The way that clients make high-dollar investments with you is through having a private conversation. And in this final module, Angelique will walk you through FIVE of the most powerful, most compelling “calls to action” that you can use at the end of your power breakfasts and executive roundtables — so that you can bridge seamlessly into Conversations That Create Cash™. PLUS, you’ll also get access to Angelique’s proprietary, copyrighted sales conversation framework for how to achieve a one-conversation close!



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“I landed a client within one week of my very first executive roundtable — and increased my 2nd quarter revenue by 50%!”

“I am so thrilled that I invested in working with Angelique. The very first Executive Roundtable that I hosted put me in front of 10 CEOs and Executive Directors of large nonprofits, and I even had to turn a few away. One of the CEOs immediately scheduled a Needs Discovery Conversation the following week and hired my firm.

Implementing the strategies that Angelique teaches has increased my revenue in the second quarter 2015 by 50%. Moreover, I now have even more business intelligence about my clients, which has increased my firm’s ability to serve them better.”





This training program isn’t for everyone. In fact, this virtual bootcamp is designed EXCLUSIVELY for driven business owners, business leaders and self-employed professionals who provide expert services, are truly business-growth-minded (read: want MORE revenue!) AND who are genuinely excited about getting out and interacting with their ideal target clients in a way that has a big impact on them.


Please enroll ONLY if you meet the following qualifications…

  1.  You are a change agent. You are all about helping your clients transform their business, their organization or their personal life for the better. You are someone who wants to make the world a better place through your work, and you want the impact of that to be significant.
  2.  You believe in and strive for hyper-growth. As a thought leader in your field, you want to grow your business revenue, your personal income and your impact in the world 10 fold – and you don’t want to wait around to do it.
  3. You take action. You recognize that results come only when the rubber meets the road. You’re not enrolling in the  Proximity to Profits™ Virtual Bootcamp just to learn or to dream; you’re enrolling because you’re ready to build a plan that you fully intend to execute!


Are you interested in learning more about how you can work with us here at The Corporate Agent?
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“After attending Angelique’s program a few years ago, I immediately implemented her strategy of hosting Executive Roundtables.”

“Last year, I scheduled and hosted a series of executive roundtables, following the strategy provided. Each one cost me a few hundred dollars (max) to put on, and each one of them resulted in a 4- or 5-figure client.

Building on my success with the roundtables, I scheduled quarterly workshops last year. Several people came to multiple workshops during the year, which led to the creation of a year-long mastermind program. That program began this past January, with 9 participants on a target of 10, and everyone is producing extraordinary results. Several even showed progress following their intake call, before the first mastermind workday!

And now, I am working on a 7 session webinar series for a national association (which starts in just a few weeks). The strategies Angelique shares are simple, powerful, and astonishingly effective! Why would anyone want to reinvent the wheel, when the blueprint is already laid out?

Can’t wait to see what else shows up this year!”

“My first executive roundtable was PERFECT! And there are many more to come.”

“Participating in Angelique’s program was a pivotal game-changer for my business. Following her detailed framework, it was very easy for me to put into use. Within a few weeks, I hosted my first executive roundtable, putting me in front of 12 potential new clients, who otherwise wouldn’t know who I was.

Plus, the feedback from the attendees was incredible, with all jumping to participate in the irresistible next step that I offered — and one has already said, “we need to get you into our company to help with…." Before Angelique’s program, I was letting fear and that feeling of not knowing enough stop me from getting in front of my audience. Now, armed with her specific and actionable steps, I am very confident reaching out to potential new clients.”



We understand that low-risk, high-reward has been an empty promise in the online world for years now and, quite frankly, can sound too good to be true.  Please do not take our word alone for the results you can create. Take a moment to check out what our clients are experiencing:

“Understanding exactly how to host an Executive Roundtable helped to further distinguish me in the marketplace, immediately yielding an $80,000 deal, and landing another $120,000 deal a few months later.

“I chose to work with Angelique and Phil because of their in-depth experience and understanding of how to work with large businesses and  corporations.

Since day one, I have received personalized, detailed support — not just generalized methods, but rather real, practical tools that matter to my specific business.  Angelique and Phil have spent numerous hours researching my industry and my business and have helped me strategically move my business forward.

When I first started working with Angelique and Phil, they suggested I do an Executive Roundtable at an upcoming industry conference I was attending. Angelique gave me the strategy, and I ran with it.

Hosting an Executive Roundtable led to an $80,000 deal, and another $120,000 client contract a few months later.

On top of all that, since working with Angelique over the past 11 months alone, I have had a 257% revenue growth (AND I’m poised to reach 7-figures), and I have grown from a team of 1 (me) to a team of 7, and I’m still growing.

Working with Angelique and Phil has been the best investment I have made for my business and myself.  I know I would not have been able to accomplish these goals so quickly without them.”

“Within the first month of working with Angelique and Phil, I engaged with an ideal prospective client, they committed to a $5,000 Strategy Day that further resulted in a $116,500 deal for a yearlong program.”

“My experience with other programs has not only cost me a lot of time and money, those programs also did not help me to achieve my goals. It became clear that these strategies were not a good fit for my work in corporate. When I found Angelique and Phil, it was clear to me that they had the experience and expertise I was looking for AND I immediately resonated with their style and their no-nonsense approach.

Working with Angelique and her team is unlike any other. They walk their talk — they model everything they talk about. They do a fabulous job of de-mystifying what really works in corporate. They provide the most practical system I’ve ever experienced. Their step-by-step approach for each strategy and easy access to related tools, resources and support make it crystal clear about what to do next at each stage of the process.

Along with the $116,500 yearlong engagement, I also met with an existing client where I proposed an increase in service level for 2015 that resulted in a $150,000 contract.

All of the above is wonderful, but honestly, what I value most is that for the first time, I am truly BEING the CEO of my business: It’s more than a title, I am fully embracing it and living it out. I would not have been able to fully embrace that without Angelique and Phil’s guidance.

If you are even considering working with Angelique and Phil I have one question for you… What are you waiting for!?! If you are serious about growing your business and willing to do the work, Angelique and Phil are the only ones to go to.”

“Backed by the training I received from Angelique and Phil, I entered my meeting feeling in control and landed a $12,000 contract.”

“I chose to work with Angelique after attending her global conference INSIDE EDGE because the strategies she and Phil shared were specific, easy to understand, and provided a clear path to the clients and projects I was seeking.  Working with them is different from any other coaches or consultants because of their combined expertise. They make what may at first feel impossible to be doable and successful.

Using Angelique’s strategies and steps, I hosted a Power Breakfast for prospects in my target market. Just two weeks later, backed by the training I received from Angelique and Phil, I had a follow up meeting with an attendee and, feeling fully in control of that conversation, closed a $12,000 contract. It was the first time I walked into a conversation like that, knew how to get the outcome I wanted, and then got it.

If you have big dreams of working with businesses and you want to be in the pilot's seat, Angelique and Phil will get you there. You might be afraid to spend the money. I certainly was afraid. But that investment can be a fraction of what you will earn, if you apply what you learn.”

“You have to get your hands on Angelique's strategies!”

“I've been in the coaching business and in sales for a long time. And what Angelique teaches and what she has put together when it comes to selling to all the big companies out there is truly world class.

Frankly, it's the best I've seen, and it’s why I've put her on the faculty of my own mastermind program. Not only have we successfully applied her strategies in our own business, but we've also seen our coaching clients put her strategies into action and experience an immediate increase in their revenues.

Bottom line: If selling to corporate clients is something that you are doing or something that you want to do, you have to get your hands on Angelique's strategies!”


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Plus you'll get these

Bonus #1: Our “Done-for-You” Marketing Playbook


Just imagine the value of having a swipe file of real-life marketing examples — including those written by Angelique, an international award-winning copywriter and 7-figure+ marketer — right at your fingertips!


In this 200+ page Proximity Marketing Playbook, we’ve assembled together best practice marketing examples pulled directly from successful executive roundtables and power breakfasts, so you can see exactly how to promote your own. All you have to do is model these samples for your own executive roundtables and power breakfasts… and voila! The marketing is done for you. Also included for you inside are checklists, frameworks, action guides and more!




Bonus #2: Two Extra LIVE 1-hour Q&A Calls + Mp3 Recordings


Want to ask us a question directly about how this information applies to your business specifically? Stuck with a unique challenge or special situation? No problem! These two BONUS live Q&A calls are your added opportunity to speak to Angelique’s highly experienced consulting team and tap into their marketing brainpower.


Have to miss a call? Don’t sweat it. All calls are recorded and provided to you as an Mp3. You can even submit your questions to us ahead of time.




Bonus #3: A 7-Figure Case Study


“A 7-Figure Success Recipe: How One Business Owner Combined Power Breakfasts With Executive Roundtables to Own His Niche”


In this BONUS case study, you’ll see exactly how you can scale the concepts that you’re learning in Proximity to Profits™ from the point of just getting started all the way up to a 7-figure business model and beyond!




Bonus #4: *Private* 1-on-1 “Fast-Track” Strategy Call


You’ll also receive a personal 30-minute “fast-track” consulting call with one of Angelique’s highly experienced business strategists who will help you apply this information to your business specifically — so you can get crystal clear and in action!




ULTIMATE BONUS: First Priority + Full Access Registration to THE REAL DEAL!


3-DAY Seminar

October 13 – 15, 2017

Miami, Florida


This LIVE seminar is strictly limited to 130 attendees, and is normally by application only.


**However, as a participant in Proximity to Profits™, you not only skip the application process… you not only jump to the head of the line with Priority Access… but you also receive complimentary Full-Access Registration!**


And when you join us, you’ll learn THE REAL DEAL on exactly how to win a steady stream of high-paying corporate clients now that the marketplace has changed. PLUS, you’ll learn how to establish yourself as THE REAL DEAL, so that you are the obvious choice for high-paying, discerning clients today.


(Here’s the fine print on this. Because of the extremely limited seating, you must claim your seat during our special advanced registration window that we will open to participants of Proximity to Profits™! After that, we cannot hold your seat. And this event is certain to SELL OUT!)


Are you interested in learning more about how you can work with us here at The Corporate Agent?
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“Angelique’s strategies landed me an opportunity… in Bordeaux, France!!”

“Coming out of working with Angelique, I immediately brewed up a client pitch that landed me an executive roundtable opportunity… in Bordeaux, France!! Angelique’s program was THE inspiration to do it. I simply wouldn't have thought to do this without Angelique and her strategies — and the fresh, practical, step-by-step roundtable approach shared in this program has given me a success blueprint that is saving me who knows how much time, effort and risk. The first pitch alone led to expanded conversations inside that corporate organization (that are still ongoing) AND helped me bridge to yet ANOTHER executive roundtable pitch, which I am in the process of closing with a major University — and which will feature top corporate executives who are my exact target market.

And, because “three's a charm” as they say, and I'm having so much fun with this, I got crazy and pitched the idea of hosting an executive roundtable in Washington, DC, with an exclusive group of executive athletes (another group of my ideal target clients)… and the conversation to move this opportunity forward is happening at the end of this week. I know what’s possible for me once I get in front of my target market, and Angelique’s strategies to get me that visibility quickly, cost effectively and in a powerful way are just the breakthrough I was looking for.

Don’t risk leaving money on the table.

 Imagine going through all the time and effort to plan an executive roundtable or power breakfast and…


  No one shows up.

  Attendees feel like the session was a waste of their time.

  You’ve made a terrible first impression.

  And no one wants to take the next step in working with you — even though you know you could help them.


We’ve seen it happen… too many times before. That’s because while on the surface putting together an executive roundtable or power breakfast might seem obvious (how hard can it be, right?), the truth is, a session that bridges to actual revenue is a carefully orchestrated symphony — reverse engineered — from the end goal.


And that’s why when you join us for Proximity to Profits™ we’ll leverage our more than two decades of experience to help you take all the guesswork out of it, formulate a successful strategy, build a workable plan, and execute with confidence. So you don’t end up leaving money (or your reputation) on the table.



Can’t make a live class? Not to worry! Every class is recorded and made available to you in our exclusive Proximity to Profits™ online resource center — which you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS* to!


MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017

3pm – 4:30pm Eastern



TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017

3pm – 4:30pm Eastern



TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017

3pm – 4:30pm Eastern




3pm – 4:30pm Eastern



TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017

3pm – 4:30pm Eastern



TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017

3pm – 4:30pm Eastern



TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017

3pm – 4:30pm Eastern



TUESDAY, AUG. 8, 2017

3pm – 4pm Eastern

BONUS Live Q&A Call #1


TUESDAY, AUG. 15, 2017

3pm – 4pm Eastern

BONUS Live Q&A Call #2

“This program has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made… it’s worth traveling across the globe to learn from her!”

“I'm a raving fan of Angelique's work! Everything she produces is pure gold and, just in the last few days, as I was attending another business conference, I recommended her to at least ten entrepreneurs looking to grow their corporate client base. The quality of Angelique's teachings and detailed business development strategies makes investing in yourself through her programs and events a no-brainer. For me, working with Angelique has been one of the smartest decisions I've ever made because I can see how the implementation of what I've learned (specifically, the executive roundtable strategy) will lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in my upcoming business venture in just the next few years. Besides being a wonderful person, Angelique is a communication and marketing genius with phenomenal ideas and systems for landing big new contracts in the most efficient way possible, and I feel very fortunate to know her and be able to benefit from her amazing expertise and a very refreshing point of view on business.

If you want a simpler and more straightforward path to clients and profits, say yes to whatever Angelique offers! It's worth traveling across the globe to learn from her, which I’ve done twice! And I can't thank her enough for all the concrete, actionable business information and insights she's sharing with the world. A true inspiration, and the absolute go-to expert in her field. Sign up now, you'll be glad you did!”


Are you interested in learning more about how you can work with us here at The Corporate Agent?
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Yes, this program requires a significant one-time investment. Yes, we were purposeful to price it at a level that’s a no-brainer for the right business owner. And yes, if you run the numbers, you’ll see how easy it will be to make a return on your investment… over and over and over again. (In fact, with just one executive roundtable or power breakfast, you can easily earn a 10x return on your investment.)


The decision, of course, is entirely yours. What’s important to us is that you make that decision before leaving this page and getting pulled into the next thing on your to-do list.


In other words: Don’t let this be one more thing you need to think about in your business — because if there is one thing that will keep you stuck playing at the same level, it’s delaying decisions.


If it’s a yes for you, trust that answer, and move forward decisively in that direction. Simply select the investment option that is right for you in order to get started putting this powerful program to work for your business today!


Are you interested in learning more about how you can work with us here at The Corporate Agent?
Simply click on the button below to complete a short form and schedule a private call with our team.

YES, LET’s Talk

“Within just three months of using Angelique’s strategies, we put over half a million dollars into our pipeline.”

“One session with Angelique produced a clear business development strategy that resulted in closed deals and pending opportunities worth WELL over $500,000 per year. And that’s in just the first three months following our call! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store, especially after our amazing Strategy Day.”

“Working with Angelique and her team has been instrumental in changing my mindset from being a business owner to becoming the CEO of my own business.”

“There used to be a ceiling on the amount I could earn in any given year. Because of my mindset shift, I now go towards projects that are much larger than my entire annual revenue of previous years. e.g. last year I closed a $250,000 contract for a project involving customer experience consulting and leadership development. I have run projects in 113 countries, traveled to over 40 of them and lived in 5 countries in 4 different continents. I am now a global player who is revolutionizing leadership. Thank you Angelique and team for your unwavering support and brilliant guidance.”



A: No, and here’s why. The majority of training programs that are available online today work best for entrepreneurs who are already crystal clear on their target market; the services, programs or expertise they offer; and how they talk about what they do. But what makes Proximity to Profits™ so unique, is that executive roundtables and power breakfasts are one of the fastest, most effective, and lowest-risk tools you can use to quickly figure out all of those things and more, including exactly what you’re going to offer, how you’re going to talk about it, and how you’re going to differentiate yourself. (It’s also perfect for those of you looking to make a transition in your business.) In fact, our clients often tell us that the feedback and insights they glean from executive roundtables and power breakfasts completely transforms their business and marketing strategy.




A: The great thing about what you’re learning in Proximity to Profits™ is that it works for any target market in the business space. If your clients include: small enterprises (typically 25 – 500 employees), mid-market companies, large corporations, non-profits, colleges, universities, government agencies, or even NGOs, this program is ideally suited to you. It also works incredibly well if you are targeting individual clients who are otherwise hard to reach, such as 7-figure-and-up business owners or let’s say rising women leaders inside of companies.




A: It is true that I’ve decided to teach all 7 of the course modules LIVE — and take questions at the end of every session. However, even if you can’t be on those calls live, don’t worry. My team will post all of the recordings and materials for you in our exclusive online resource center. You’ll also have an opportunity to submit your questions into us in advance. And in addition, you receive two bonus Q&A calls with my highly trained team. Bottom line: whether you are listening in live as I teach the content, or you listen to the recordings, you’re gaining access to time-tested insights and strategies to help you propel your business forward.




A: Trust me — I get it! As a CEO running two completely different companies (one is in the mosquito industry!) and a mom of seven-year-old twin boys, I know first hand the demands of an insanely busy life. ;-)


But the truth is… you DO have time.


Actually, I’m going to go a step further than that and say, the ONE thing that you MUST make time for in your business is a system that gets you truly KNOWN with your ideal target clients, accelerates the like and trust factor, and leads as quickly as possible into Conversations That Create Cash™. Because the ONLY thing that brings lucrative sales into your business is conversations.


And if you redirect even just a couple of hours each week that you spend spinning your wheels trying to “figure things out,” or investing in marketing activities that aren’t paying off for your business (hello, social media!), you will have more than enough time to go full steam ahead on what you are learning in Proximity to Profits™.




A: This is an easy one. You do not need an email list. I’m going to show you multiple proven techniques that you can use in order to fill your executive roundtables and power breakfasts — with NO email list, NO online marketing funnel, and NO budget.


That means getting you off of the online marketing funnel “tilt-a-whirl” and back where you belong: consistently have conversations with your ideal clients so that you can predictably generate income — and spend more time working with clients than you do searching for them.




A: Don’t worry. While I of course highly encourage you to take time out to attend the in-person training — so you can work on your business and not in it — the online course is more than complete without it.


What I can also tell you is that THE REAL DEAL is worth moving a few things around on your schedule. We hear two things over and over again from business owners who attend our seminars. The first is that they learn more from us by lunchtime on Day 1, than they often do spending three full days at other events. The second is that they are blown away by the caliber of attendees at our events, and the quality of the community that we have built.


So bottom line here: While attending my live seminar is not mandatory and the course is more than complete without it, I do hope to see you in Miami this October so we can connect in person and take your results with winning corporate clients — and establishing YOU as the obvious choice for those companies — to a whole new level!




A: I hear you. And I want to keep things very real with you. Having a successful business of your own takes effort. More effort than I think a lot of folks realize going into it. There is A LOT to learn, and with some strategies, the learning curve is way too steep. Or the strategy requires a lot more money or technology behind it than some gurus will have you believe on the front end.


One of the reasons I’m so passionate about showing small business owners how to utilize executive roundtables and power breakfasts is that I believe this is a strategy that any competent professional can utilize. Even if they are just starting out. Even if they don’t have much of a budget. Even if they are terrible with technology.


If you can get prospects into the room — yes, even just a handful of decision makers in a small conference room — you can do this.


And imagine the power of going from virtually unknown by your ideal prospects — to being seen as a credible, trusted expert — in just one morning or one afternoon.


Now, as with anything — you have to take ACTION. If you’re ready to do that — and you are drop-dead serious about growing your business — I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and show you how. Best of all, what you’re learning in Proximity to Profits™ are strategies that have truly stood the test of time. Because at the end of the day, closing sales comes down to relationships and conversations. And that’s what Proximity to Profits™ is all about!


The end result? You stop scrambling for prospects and instead create a wash-rinse-repeat approach for creating steady revenue through this system.



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I’m Angelique Rewers, CEO and founder of The Corporate Agent — and joining me in this photo is my Executive Vice President of Consulting and Mentoring, Phil Dyer.


Together, we’re a lot like the dynamic duo — joining together our 49+ years of experience working with FORTUNE 500 and other leading organizations, including government, non-profit, and higher education, to help serious-minded business owners land lucrative business-to-business clients.


Collectively, we’ve been featured as experts by top media outlets, including Forbes, CBS, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Lucky Magazine and more. Individually, our work has garnered more than 40 prestigious international, national and regional awards.


But what you need to know most is this: Our dedication to supporting our clients to receive everything they need to know to gain accesses into the $12+ trillion (and growing) corporate marketplace is… unparalleled.


What you might also enjoy knowing about me is that I’m not only a 7-Figure+ business owner, I’m also a dedicated mom to my 7-year-old-twin boys, loving wife, and most loyal friend — and I play just as hard as I work.


Phil is as dedicated to his wife and children as I am to mine. Making time for family is at the top of his priority list, as he balances his role as the EVP of Consulting and Mentoring with also working as a Strategic Business Advisor, Executive Retreat Facilitator, Advisory Board Member, Active Military Veteran, Author and Speaker. And somehow he has also managed to find the time to publish two best sellers.


Simply put: our mission is to help serious-minded (and, quite frankly, awesome) business owners, entrepreneurs, experts and self-employed professionals rapidly increase their profitability and create a freedom-based lifestyle while working less and winning more.


Among our clients, we’ve built a reputation for not only over delivering on the highest quality content, but also deeply caring about them and being their biggest cheerleaders. But even more so, the reason our clients come back to us again and again is because of the bottom-line results they achieve.


If you’re already a member of our community, we welcome you back for the Proximity to Profits™ Virtual Bootcamp. If you are new to our community, we’ll look forward to meeting you in person soon!

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